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Tensions Ratchet Up Another Notch 11-24-15

The exact details are still murky, but overnight Turkish fighter jets downed a Russian warplane near the Syrian-Turkish border. Turkey, a NATO member, claims that the Russian aircraft breached Turkish airspace and ignored numerous warnings from the Turkish F-16s. On the other hand, Russia claims that it was “backstabbed” and warned of “very serious consequences” for the relationship between the two nations. Read more about Tensions Ratchet Up Another Notch 11-24-15

Holding Steady 11-17-15

By and large, global markets largely held steady in response to the horrific attacks in Paris, the scale of which had been unseen on French soil since Word War II. There were some immediate market reactions to the event, for sure, but the general message from global markets so far doesn’t suggest market participants view the attack as an economic game changer. Read more about Holding Steady 11-17-15

Jobs Report Shifts Expectation 11-10-15

It hasn’t exactly been a bloodbath, but the S&P 500, the proxy for the broad stock market, has logged four consecutive losing days. The blue chip index declined a total of 1.5 percent over the four-day stretch. Most market participants now anticipate higher rates come the mid-December Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, naturally sparking concern about how aggressively the Fed would tighten and how it may impact already sluggish global growth All that put the brakes on the stock rally that nearly took the S&P 500 back to its record-high. Read more about Jobs Report Shifts Expectation 11-10-15

No Action Expected 10-27-15

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) convenes this week in Washington to determine the next leg of monetary policy. Despite market expectations that the Fed will delay increasing the benchmark federal funds rate until next year, Fed officials have, publicly at least, left a rate hike on the table. However, it would be quite a surprise if Yellen and company acted this week. Read more about No Action Expected 10-27-15

Calmer Markets 10-20-15

The recent stream of economic data continues to be lackluster. Last week the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported its latest readings for the Producer Price Index (PPI), a widely-follow measure of prices received by goods producers and service providers. Read more about Calmer Markets 10-20-15

Bad News is Good News, Again 10-06-15

With economic recent data lackluster, investors again hang their hope on central bank policy support. Thus, after an initially negative market reaction, the stock market greeted last Friday’s poor employment report with a rally. Read more about Bad News is Good News, Again 10-06-15