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A Look Ahead to the April Issue 03-24-15

Later this week, we will publish the April 2015 issue of The Cash Cow. In the issue, we will take an in-depth look at the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to omit the term “patient” and make substantial changes to its policy statement. We will dissect what the changes mean and infer what future monetary policy course to expect, and discuss the ramifications for our ETF recommendations. And of course, we will have the latest market indicators information.

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Eyes on One Word 03-17-15

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy-making board Federal Open Market Committee meets today and tomorrow to determine the next leg of monetary policy. Although there’s no chance that the Fed would decide to raise interest rates at this meeting, observers are very interested whether it will change its language regarding the timing of the “normalizing” of the federal funds rate, which has remained essentially zero since the height of the financial crisis in late 2008. Read more about Eyes on One Word 03-17-15

Stocks Give Back 2015 Gains 03-10-15

There was plenty of red across the big board today as stocks retreat. After this session's decline, the major U.S. indices S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average both stand slightly under water for the year.

The ECB launched its €1.1 trillion asset-purchase program this Monday. This strengthens the dollar, and is viewed as a negative for U.S. stocks. A stronger greenback decreases the dollar value of American companies’ international sales and also renders U.S. exports less price competitive, potentially reducing revenues and profits. Read more about Stocks Give Back 2015 Gains 03-10-15

China's Changing Stance 03-03-15

After setting another new closing high yesterday, the U.S. stock market retreated today. The S&P 500 lost as much as nearly 1 percent before recovering some lost ground and finished the day with a loss of 45 basis points.

Negatively impacted by poor weather (many areas experienced record-low temperatures) in February, most U.S. automakers missed analysts’ monthly sales expectations. No doubt helped by low fuel costs, SUVs and trucks—the roomier but more gas guzzling vehicles—enjoyed a strong month but the overall numbers were disappointing.     Read more about China's Changing Stance 03-03-15

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March 2015

Don't Corner a Wounded Animal

In the March issue, we take a look at Europe's ostensibly convincing victory over the Greeks in the latest bailout negotiations and examine why the Europeans should not push Greece too far.

We also analyze the Federal Reserve's FOMC minutes and Janet Yellen's congressional testimony for information that would impact markets. And like each month, We also check out what our proprietary indicators are saying about the short term and re-rank some of our indicator-related ETFs.

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Previewing the March Issue 02-24-15

Today, the “troika” approved a list of reform promises submitted by Greece, putting the stamp on the bailout extension agreement reached late last week. Freshly ushered into power, Greece’s ruling party Syriza approached the negotiations with tough demands, but was humbled by reality, essentially extending the bailout deal—which it had promised to reject—to buy time to work on a more extensive agreement. Read more about Previewing the March Issue 02-24-15

Who Will Blink First? 02-17-15

Talks between the leaders of Greece and those of the rest of Europe so far have yielded little progress toward an accord and discussions have halted. Germany has demanded that Greece file for an extension of the bailout deal (set to expire at the end of February) if it wants euro zone ministers to meet to discuss financial aid for the beleaguered Mediterranean nation.

It appears that the rest of the euro zone wants Greece, at minimum, to agree to use the existing bailout agreement as framework to renegotiate for relaxation of austerity conditions. Read more about Who Will Blink First? 02-17-15